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free Pokecoins no survey

It’s in the news. It’s in the newspapers. It’s all over social networks! Pokemon Go has taken over the mainstream media and is continuously earning more attention than any other app. People are starting to leave their homes with hopes to capture a rare Pokemon. It takes the best trainer to capture a rare Pokemon and if you want to be the best, you have to fight like one of the best. Here is a list on how to train to be the best.

Here you can get free pokecoins with no survey:

  1. Go to parks with multiple Pokestops

If you want to find many Pokemons, you have to go to an area with high population. Among the places to go are cities and universities.

  1. Try to stop by a parking lot

Most Pokemons love to spawn in parking lots. Some even spawn by gas stations.

  1. Get a lot of bonuses in Pokeball throwing

Just tap and hold on to the Pokeball to initiate the ring cycle. Wait for the ring to reach the correct point before you toss your ball. No matter how much they try to move or try to break the circle, they’ll return. Just keep on holding on to that Pokeball of yours.

  1. Be equipped and spend wisely

One of the items on every Pokemon Trainer’s checklist is to be equipped with enough Pokeballs, potions, and revives. You must have enough Pokecoins to purchase them. If you don’t want to spend your cash in purchasing Pokecoins, there are many ways to get coins for free such as online generators. You just have to search for a free Pokecoins no survey hack so that the browser will show results of online generators that do not require surveys or verifications.

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